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Thanks from the bottom of my heart (B2)

Posted: November 25, 2010 by gayanezaynabutdinova in Wordrecycle creativity

I  don’t  know how to thank for that unforgettable tale in which I lived as a child.  I am happy that I grew up in an  international family and I   can always  see different traditions  despite the fact that sometimes it is really dificult when you don’t belong to one particular culture.    HUGE Thanks  for this! 

I never forget how lucky I am.  I’m happy because in this big beautiful sometimes complicated World I’m not alone and I’m so grateful to You for them even though sometimes I want to kill them.  Thanks for giving  me them. 

My most heartfelt thanks to You for every second of my life and It is really doesn’t  matter how heavy it was, is  or will be. Sometimes we forgot it and I really happy that I have  a chance  to thank.

I beleive that every simple thing  which   surrounds us  contributes to what are we now and  what the future we will  have.

I am of sound mind and sincerely thank You for every black band as well as for white which was or will be in my life.

If someone ask me what I want change in my life,  small part of me will be think about answer but finally I will say “nothing”.     Not because I have a perfect character,  namely because I’m far from perfect. and it is the desire to learn more and become a better reason why I enjoy every second of life  and want to say  “THANK You”!

by Gayane



Posted: November 24, 2010 by guoyun in Wordrecycle creativity

1.I would like to thank my parents for being with me when I was in difficult.They encouraged me to believe myself.Anything is possible.

2.I would like to thank my primary English teasher.She teaches me a lot.If I didn”t met her,I will not fall in love with English.

3.I would like to thank my friend Guoyun for helping me a lot in the U.K.

Thanks note

Posted: November 24, 2010 by guoyun in Wordrecycle creativity

I   would    like    to   thank  yu    for  helping     me  a  lot

I think   I   am    lucky    to   have  a     nice    family    .My    parents  are  very     open-minded ,who   always   take  me  to  t

ravel    around  the  world  .    

I    THINK       my     grandma    is   the   kindest    person      in  the   world    .    She  always    tolerates     my     mistakes

Thank you destiny for my life

Posted: November 24, 2010 by aiganymmoldagulova in Wordrecycle creativity

I bless the day, when I was born. The day, when I see my mother, her warm glance, her warm hands.

Thanks for my grandmother, who brought me up, looked after me, shared with me her heart and soul.

Thanks for the great father, who loves me amd shows right way of life.

Thanks for the sister, who lights my life, encourages me, belives on my force.

Thanks for my younger brothers. When I look at them and see continue of our family, strong, successful and happy. I’m on the heaven, when I can hold theirs hand and see theirs full of happiness face.

Thanks for my friend , who always whith you, when you need support and understanding. These peole always on your side and not give you to offend.

Thanks for the every single day, when I explored new sides of this difficult life whith people who close to me.

Thanks for the evry unforgetable moments of my life, when I was happy, playing and laughing.

Thanks for the light, colours, sounds that surround us.

Things that I’m thankful for

Posted: November 24, 2010 by wordrecycle in Wordrecycle creativity

I’m grateful that I’m healthy, that I have something to eat and also that I’ve got a great family and wonderful friends. I thank god also that I have an amazing life and that I don’t have any handicaps. I’m glad that I can hear, see and speak because without these abilities my life would be very empty. I’m also grateful for having some people, whom I can tell my secrets and problems yo. But the most important point for me is that my life is full of love.

by Viktorija

Thank for everything from Hiro

Posted: November 24, 2010 by hiroshihoshino in Wordrecycle creativity

First of all, It is great thing for me to live in good healthy.

I thank for my wife. She always aconcerns about my life in Cambridge  and wait for me  even if my return to Japan would be too late.

Thank for my company. They gave me a chance to study English in England and continue to support  me although I am not working for my company now.

Thank for “Yurika”. She gave me  a lot of usuful information and help me kindly whenever Iask her.

Thank for my host family and their father and mother. They always worry about my English skill. I can not understand their native English so far. But they try to speak to me many times

Thankful for my family…

Posted: November 24, 2010 by juandominguez7 in Wordrecycle creativity

Thank you for my family because they are the most important peolple in my life, thanks for my father and my mother i thnik i have the best of the world, they had made my life better and happy, are so really important for me.

I wanna thank you for my brothers, they couldnt be better they are my best friends all the time, sometimes we have a fight but is not important we are brothers, friends, colleges, housemates, all…

So thanks for my life…